You Are Never Too Young Or Too Old To Play MUSIC!

Yeh pyar ke naghme, yeh mohabbat ke tarane
Tujhko baRe armaanon se, aaya hoon sunane
"** Ramaiya Vasta Vaiya ** "
"** Ramaiya Vasta Vaiya ** "

Hi! My name is Afzal Hanid. I am a disciple of sitar-nawaz Ustad Bale Khan and of keyboard wizard/musician par excellence Walikhan Saheb. Welcome to my website.

This site is your gateway to learning all about HINDUSTANI (North Indian) MUSIC with Staff and Sargam Notation and playing it on modern Electronic Keyboard by Chords and with appropriate (custom-made) Rhythm accompaniment!

The biggest problem when buying an expensive modern Electronic Keyboard is that it lacks accompaniment Rhythm suitable for Hindustani Music. Imagine the frustration of owning an expensive Electronic Keyboard and not having appropriate accompaniment rhythm for playing Hindi Songs! I have however been very fortunate in acquiring the necessary training from the best possible sources over several years. I am now in a position to pass on this knowlege via Diskettes, Manuals, and MUSIC LESSONS to aspiring Keyboardists or to musicians, experienced or not, but for a PRICE, NOT free.


SPECIAL NOTE FOR BEGINNERS: If you are an absolute beginner interested in learning to play an Electronic Keyboard (Synth) then I strongly recommend that you buy a ROLAND-D20 specially RE-PROGAMMED by me for PAYING HINDI/URDU SONGS. This is by far the best keyboard for learning to play Desi Music/Hindi Film Songs from scratch. It has a FLOPPY DISK DRIVE (ideal for recording/saving lessons, songs, rhythms/talas, etc. in Midi Format), a SEQUENCER [for laying down various "sounds" (e.g. santoor, flute, violins, saxophone, guitar, trumpets) on different tracks while recording songs, etc.], and a built-in RHYTHM MACHINE for custom-making talas/rhythms (i.e. various forms of Keharwa, Dadra, Jhaptaal, Roopak, Waltz, Disco, Rock, etc.). Once you have purchased the ROLAND D-20 from me, you can start getting MUSIC LESSONS and learn HINDI MUSIC systematically through my guidance. I highly recommend ROLAND-D20 for first-time Keyboard buyers wishing to learn to play Hindi Songs. This is the keyboard I learnt to play Hindi Music on as a beginner and I still use it even in my concerts/live shows. You will always thank me for giving you such a sound advice!!!
Caution: Without re-programming, ROLAND D-20 is not useful or ideal for Hindi Music just like any other make of keyboard available in the market today!! So if you buy an ordinary Roland D-20 you will just be wasting your time and money.

PSR users are advised that Yamaha Keyboards can NOT take the "punishment" of special finger strengthening exercises which can cause damage to pressure key-pad whereas such is Not the case with Roland-D20.

(esp. KURZWEIL 2000 with 3.V software) and also for ROLAND D-20.